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Palestinian refugees crossing the Jordan river in 1967

NAZARETH,(PIC)-- Hebrew media revealed that the occupation authorities carried out the "quiet expulsion" against Palestinian citizens in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on the border and international border crossings controlled by the occupation forces, which led to the displacement of about a quarter of a million Palestinians.

Haaretz newspaper stated that "Israel stripped more than 100,000 residents of Gaza and some 140,000 residents of the West Bank of their residency rights during the 27 years between its conquest of the territories in 1967 and the establishment of the Palestinian Authority in 1994."

The newspaper pointed out that the same procedure is practiced now against Palestinian citizens in Jerusalem, in an attempt to expel and deport them, under the pretext that they are no longer residents in the city, claiming that they lost their right to live there, and preventing them from obtaining the Israeli blue ID card.

The newspaper reported that the occupation authorities took advantage of the “open bridge” policy to implement this plan and to expel tens of thousands of Jerusalemites, who left the city for more than seven years, noting that the number of Palestinians who were quietly expelled through this procedure has reached hundreds of thousands in total violation of international conventions.