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AL-KHALIL, (PIC)-- PA security apparatuses arrested five supporters of Hamas in Al-Khalil and summoned four others in Tulkarem over the past 24 hours for investigation as part of the ongoing arrest campaigns against Hamas activists in the West Bank.

The PA intelligence service in Tulkarem summoned four citizens affiliated with Hamas who were previously held in Israeli and PA prisons.

Meanwhile, the preventive security apparatus arrested five citizens in Al-Khalil including three from Halhoul town, bringing the number of the detainees from the town to 25 citizens, during the last week. They include 10 ex-prisoners in Israeli jails and former political detainees in PA jails.

Sources in Halhoul town confirmed that the detainees are still held in detention centers of the preventive security apparatus which is carrying out a political arrest campaign concurrently with the recurring statements about a substantial progress in the Palestinian reconciliation file.

The sources denied that the preventive security apparatus had released any of the detainees, noting that they were presented to PA courts, which extended their detention for periods ranging between 10 and 20 days on charges of belonging to Hamas.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces arrested four former political prisoners in the PA jails, including the Imam of Beitunia mosque, Sheikh Mohammed Dahleh, after besieging the mosque and assaulting the Imam.