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BEIRUT, (PIC)-- Thabet Organization for Palestinian refugees' right of return expressed its deep concern and condemnation for the use of live bullets by the Lebanese army against the unarmed Palestinian refugees in Nahr al-Bared refugee camp.

Thabet organization said in a statement on Tuesday, "it was possible to resort to other means to confront the popular protests which have been launched on Friday and not to rush and use the live bullets."

It demanded the formation of an investigation committee to investigate what had happened exactly and to bring wrongdoers to account, revealing that Friday's protests resulted in the martyrdom of Ahmed Kassem and the wounding of others.

According to Thabet, during the funeral of the martyr Kassem on Monday, the protests were resumed in Nahr al-Bared and several other camps as Ain al-Hilweh leading to the martyrdom of two other Palestinians and wounding others.

What happened in Nahr al-Bared was the result of the siege and the security restrictions imposed on the Palestinian refugees living in the camp; They have been deprived since more than five years of their civil and social rights which has caused a high rate of poverty and unemployment in the camps which are not allowed to expand leading to an overcrowding of the population which grew by about 350% and this would inevitably cause social and security problems, stated the organization.

It also called in its statement on the Lebanese government to make a political decision requiring the end of the security isolation in the camp, cancel of the entry and exit permits, and the closure of the security file in Nahr al-Bared camp and the other camps, in addition to shouldering its responsibilities towards the reconstruction of Nahr al-Bared and providing the protection for the Palestinian refugees on its territories.

Furthermore, it considered that “what happened in Nahr al-Bared and Ain el-Hilweh is a violation of the international provisions and conventions, which require that "the host country has to protect its refugee guests until the conflict that led to their displacement is solved."

Thabet also stressed in its statement on the constants of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon saying that "we do not have any plans in Lebanon, but to return to our country. We distance ourselves from interfering in the internal situation as we reject settlement and displacement"

"Do not be afraid Dear Lebanese of giving us our civil and social rights, especially the right to work and own properties ... It is our right to live with dignity until returning to our homeland ... What happened in Nahr al-Bared requires that we discuss together all the Palestinian files, including the political, social, legal, economic and security situations", the statement added.