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OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- The Israeli Magistrate's Court extended yesterday the detention of Ashraf Masri, despite his serious health condition and the severe pain he suffers from, as he had been attacked by the undercover unit.

Ahmed Masri, Ashraf's brother, pointed out that the Israeli occupation authorities has charged his brother with throwing stones and attempting to attack policemen in Issawiya, noting that the contradiction was clear in the testimony made by the "undercover unit".

He added that Ashraf suffers from severe pain in his face and vomits blood, noting that he asked the judge today to transfer his brother to the hospital.

The Palestinian young man had been taken to the hospital, after being arrested and attacked. He has been suffering from skull fractures and wounds in his right eye, however he has been taken out of the hospital to appear before the judge.

Meanwhile, the Israeli forces arrested yesterday 3 young men from Issawiya after breaking into a restaurant in the town, breaking its main door and searching it.

The occupation forces have also raided and searched the house of the citizen Khalil Ali Mahmoud in the village of Issawiya.

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LONDON, (PIC)-- Arab Organization for Human Rights in UK (AOHR) called for a wide Parliamentary movement to address administrative detention policy used by the Israeli intelligence to detain Palestinian citizens, deputies and ministers.

The organization issued on Wednesday a detailed report documenting the detention of Palestinian MPs elected in Palestinian legislative elections that took place in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and occupied Jerusalem in January 2006, where 12 deputies were arrested in Israeli jails, including seven deputies who were transferred to administrative detention.

The report highlighted the policy of administrative detention as a form of detention based on a decision issued by the so-called "regional military officer" who detains Palestinians based on being "guilty until proven innocent."

This detention policy does not rely on clear evidence or specific period, but based on arbitrary accusations to take revenge against Palestinians who oppose occupation.

The report said that the Israeli occupation authorities proceeded to arrest MPs affiliated with Change and Reform bloc as an attempt to eradicate the legislative elections.

The Israeli arrest campaign included 51 MPs and ministers detained in various prisons in occupied Palestine, charging with belonging to banned bloc and sentenced some of them to long prison terms and turned others to administrative detention.

Some of them were released after spending their provisions, but they were re-arrested and turned to administrative detention without any charges.

The organization stated that the Palestinian division encouraged the Israeli occupation to escalate their brutal policies against Palestinian deputies and ministers.

AOHR confirmed that administrative detention is a kind of torture that exposes the Israeli sadism and the Israeli criminal policies against unarmed people who seek to get rid of the continued occupation.

The organization called on the parliamentarians all over the world to take a decisive stand towards administrative detention used by the occupation as a routine weapon in the face of Palestinian citizens in general, and Palestinian MPs and ministers in particular, aiming to keep legitimate defenders of the Palestinian people behind bars.