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GAZA, (PIC)-- Gaza Premier Ismail Haniyeh expressed his hope for the success of national reconciliation meetings, which will be held in Cairo between head of Hamas political bureau, Khaled Meshaal, and PA President Mahmoud Abbas, on Wednesday under the auspices of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

This came during Haniyeh's meeting with a European delegation at his home in al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza, as he hoped that the Cairo meetings will achieve good results, and launch a new era of unity.

He also stressed on Hamas movement's adherence to achieving reconciliation and a national unity carrying the constants of the Palestinian people and protecting the resistance and the Palestinian rights.

In a separate context; the Prime Minister stated that the victory achieved by Gaza represents a victory for all the Palestinian people, the Arab and Islamic nation and all free people of the world who have been supporting Palestine.

He emphasized that Palestinians will not give up any part of the land of Palestine, and any of its rights; particularly the right of return and the freedom of prisoners.

Political analysts stressed that the meeting, taking place between Khaled Meshaal and Mahmoud Abbas in Cairo will carry positive indicators regarding the reconciliation, in preparation for its implementation on the ground.

Political analyst Dr Hani al-Bassous said that it is difficult to reach practical mechanisms for the Palestinian national reconciliation during Meshaal and Abbas’ meeting; however it may be a preliminary meeting for the upcoming meetings between Fatah and Hamas, and later on between the Palestinian factions.

According to the political analyst Mostafa Sawaf, the meeting will not result in practical result on the ground. He also stressed that the issue requires honest intentions and will for the application of what has been agreed upon.